Monday 27 April 2009

Second Episode is online now!


As refugee engineer Polly Clerkin persuades the occupants of Ireland’s last petrol station to join her on the run, the dreaded Greens make their move.

Tom Weldon, (35, daydreamer, side arm: battle hurley) and his cousin Bala (26, agrarian slacker, side arm: two-prong pike) have just had their cushy survivalist rut turned upside down by the high-speed arrival of Ireland’s last motorist, Polly Clerkin (27, engineer, side arm: double-barrel shotgun.)

She is on the run from a totalitarian Dublin ruled under a Green fist. And she has been followed.

Tuesday 14 April 2009

We have made it through to the second round of RTÉ's Storyland so thanks to all who voted for us. Below is the Promo for our next installment of Running Low.

Voting will begin for round two at on the 27th of April at 5pm and finish the same time on the 4th of May. Dont forget to check us out and VOTE for us.

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Wednesday 25 March 2009



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Wednesday 18 March 2009

Thanks for voting for Running Low

Our first episode of Running Low is now online and open for voting on the RTÉ website. You will be able to vote until the 30th of March.

Thanks to all who have voted for us so far, if you haven't voted yet please go to and log your vote. Every vote counts.

Ps: that's a battle hurley in the picture above, specially built for Running Low :)

Monday 16 March 2009


Running Low has officially gone live. Go to to watch our first episode and vote for us.



Friday 13 March 2009

Slight Delay

Episode 1 of 'Running Low' will now go online on Monday the 16th of March at 5pm and will be open for voting until the 30th of March.

Keep checking

D Day

Hi all,

We are patiently waiting for the first of our 'Running Low' episodes to go online. For now, below is some information on our first episode and the characters involved.

‘Running Low’ is written by Diarmuid O’Brien, directed by PJ Dillon and produced by Amy Breen for Happy Endings Productions.

Civilisation dried up shortly after the oil did. But now, a Dublin refugee is about to find help in the last place imaginable... a midlands petrol station.

Of course the oil ran out in the end, and civilisation duly crumbled in its absence. But Tom and Bala Weldon, two slackers manning the last petrol station in Ireland, have no intention of going anywhere. Their plan, to lay low and sit out mankind’s barbarous return to the Dark Ages, is foiled by the very last thing they expected to see... a motorist.
Running Low is story about survival, finding one’s place in the world and petrol. It’s Mad Max meets Garage. Mad Maxol, if you will...

Cast of Characters:
Tom Weldon (played by Simon Delaney)
Tom is a thoughtful if unmotivated slacker in his early thirties. Tom took over the running of his family’s petrol station months before their road was bypassed, severely reducing the number of customers.

Fortunately for Tom, the station’s commercially unviable location allowed him and his cousin to keep a low profile during the brutal collapse of all Western Civilisation. As it had always been a down-to-earth country petrol station / general store / post office / farm supply outpost, Tom and Bala used their inventory to become self-sufficient – planting vegetable patches and growing crops.

Bala Weldon (played by Allen Leech)
Tom’s moodier, less patient cousin is six years younger and has worked in the petrol station full-time since he was fifteen. Bala is a natural farmer and is well handy at keeping things in repair.

Unlike the more bookish Tom, Bala attempts to wile away the post-apocalyptic boredom by replaying his modest collection of X-Box games and coming up with diverting new ways to cook potatoes and cabbage. He is also a lot more content with his lot, writing off the world beyond the petrol station as too much hassle to even be curious about.

Polly Clerkin (played by Lynette Callaghan)
An emotionally-detached young woman in her late twenties, Polly was just starting off a promising career as a civil engineer when the consequences of Peak Oil took hold; throwing the world’s economic and energy infrastructures into chaos.

Despite her stereotype-inviting accent, Polly was brought up to be very pragmatic and capable, but she is lacking in certain social skills and can come off as a bit hardnosed.